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TC100B sliding window with mash (three track)

◇ The edge sealing profile is 103mm wide and 1.4mm thick.

◆ This bottom track is made to be step, which makes it convenient for water draining. Stainless steel materials are used to manufacture the track, so the product ensures a smooth sliding.

◇ This series can be installed with a balance wheel, which contributes to a more stable sliding.

◆ This series can be installed with a stainless steel mash. The wheel is installed at an angle of 45° to prevent it from off the track.

◇ 45° makes it more convenient to install.

◆ This series can be installed with a multi-point lock for a good sealing effect and security.

◇ The rabbet size of this series is 24mm. 5*12 insulating glass can be installed on it.

◆ Half moon lock or MA lock are optional.

◇ 1.4mm profile is used to make windows and 8.5kg of materials can manufacture one square meter of the finished products.


Alloy aluminum

6063, 6061


2 tons

Surface treatment

power coating, electrophoresis, PVDF, anodize

Heat treatment

T4, T5, T6


transparent film, shrink film, brown paper, pearl wool, wooden box, or as per clients' demands

Trade item



ISO14001, ISO9001, Quality Management System Certificate, Environmental Management System Certificate


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