① Environmental-friendly materials: aluminum furniture is designed with an aluminum profile structure. It is absolutely non-formaldehyde and can be recycled.

② Waterproof: All aluminum furniture is made of aluminum alloy. It is resistant to the water and dampness. Also, it can be directly cleaned by water and will never decay.

③ Anti-Fire: All aluminum furniture has strong heat resistance. The tests show that it won’t be damaged at a temperature of 200 ℃.

④ Even if the whole branch is lit and placed on it, its surface will not be damaged after being burnt for a long time, thus overcoming the defect that ordinary plates can not afford to burn.

⑤ Impact-resistance: aluminum furniture has strong impact resistance. It has been proved that it won’t be damaged or destroyed even though 227g steel ball drops on it from a height of 3m. It has a bending strength of 150Mpa. Under normal conditions, it can be used for 50 years.

⑥ Free from extraneous odor : aluminum extrusions are connected by aluminum furniture, and the steel parts are processed in a clean environment, so the products don’t have any bad smell.