On December 22nd, 2017, the fourteenth annual meeting of China Office Building Industrial Park Development Forum and the 2017 China Real Estate “Jin Ha Award” awards ceremony was held in Beijing. Guangdong Weiye Group was awarded the honor of “Top 10 Strongly Insulated Materials for Purchasing Chinese Real Estate Products in 2017” and “the Most Realistic Brand for China’s Real Estate Energy-Saving System Windows and Doors” in 2017.

As the only industry brand representative on the list, we have won this honor once again, which demonstrates our benchmark position in the aluminum manufacturing industry.

Deputy General Manager of WEIYE (right 5) received the award China TOP10 Brand

The product performance of thermal insulation is an important indicator of determining the strength, quality, and industry status of aluminum businesses.

As an outstanding representative of the aluminum manufacturing industry, Weiye has obtained the honors of “China Top 20 Construction Aluminum Companies” and “Invisible Champion of the South China Manufacturing Industry” relying on our pioneering work in industrial innovation. We have once again been recognized and praised by the industry.

The annual meeting was jointly sponsored by the Quanlian Real Estate and Fangxun Network and invited over 700 industry leaders in the real estate industry, including outstanding entrepreneurs, economists and financiers to jointly discuss the most profound and cutting-edge real estate industry topics, hot industry trends, leading commercial real estate industry standards and innovation.