1. Cooling water must be circulated when the diffusion pump is working. We can’t stop the cooling water circulation until the pump oil cools down.
2. When the pump is not working, we should keep the pump body under a vacuum state.
3. The pumped air should be dry, corrosion-resistance and dust-free.
4. Keeping the pump under a vacuum state can protect the pump oil and pump parts from corrosion when pump is no use. And clean all water from cooling water jacket. Keep the stored temperature at 10℃-40℃.
5. Check heaters first if pump stops running suddenly.
6. Inspect pump regularly.
a. Add oil or change oil accordingly because the pump oil will be reduced or oxidized.
b. Clean the pump parts and pump body with aviation gasoline. Then use silk cloth to dip aether or acetone to wipe, and finally put them at 80-100℃ temperature or use a blow drier to dry them.
c. Install all parts step by step, and keep pump core and pump base vertically and the same place as pump cavity. Each nozzle gap should be adjusted based on original requirements.