Times City is located in Hanthawaddy Road · Kamaryut & Sanchaung Township, in the heart of the city. The Times city has a total area of 9.083 acres and a building area of 411,200 square meters. The project is planned to have star hotels, office buildings, shops, shopping centers and residential apartments and is regarded as a new landmark in Yangon City.

In 2017, Weiye Aluminum & Real estate developers reached a strategic cooperation with Crown Advanced Construction Company in Myanmar to provide curtain wall and window profiles for its project – Times City, a key complex in Yangon, Myanmar, as a focus of Yangon’s real estate projects. It will also help expand the popularity of the Weiye Overseas Aluminum Strategic Project.

This project uses WEIYE WQA, WQ110, 120C, Y165 and other curtain wall profiles and 2001C, C50 door and window profiles, together with the era of real estate for Yangon to create an international lifestyle commercial center, and to introduce Southeast Asian culture and Yangon City style to the whole world.